Save Earth from Apocalypse and Doom

Your hometown has been attacked by an army of unknown origin! To defeat them, you must rescue kidnapped hostages locked in cages and uncover alien technology! Unlock bonuses and earn increasing ranks as you explore mine caverns and clear sections of town. Save mankind from doom in this challenging and awesome game!

Choose your Avatar (Male or Female), then choose your favorite weapon to inflict damage with. Carry grenades to destroy obstacles and hard-to-shoot enemies. The future of Earth is at stake, you must fight for its survival! MINEFORCE is the ultimate 2D action game!

Game Features:

  • 30 handmade levels,
  • 7 Unlockable Guns,
  • Powerful Grenades,
  • Male or Female character Avatar,
  • Store to purchase Ammo, Grenades, and More,
  • Hordes of Zombies,
  • Animatronic Spiders,
  • the evil and ominous Robot Boss,
  • and the Skeleton with exploding Skull!

Take a look at the Gallery page to see more screenshots! If you are looking for shooting games, cool games, fun games, fighting games, or action games— MINEFORCE is the perfect game for you!

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